About Me

My name is Mel and i'm from the Gold Coast! I am a qualified nail technician and am also studying Environmental Science. I hope some day I can combine my love for the environment and nail polish, and create a sustainable, ecological and renewable nail polish line with zero by product as the result! (some day!)

I also have a strong passion for baking and cooking and hope one day I can become a cordon bleu pastry chef and perhaps even a personal trainer as I love to exercise and like to stay healthy . . . a lot of passions huh?

I've recently come to the conclusion that buying nail polishes is just as rewarding as being a kid in a candy store, filling up your bag with your favourite goodies! You not only look at the enormous range of colours and brands that produce these little delights, but you imagine yourself coming home and trying them instantly. It is the little delights in life, that make it all that much better. It is here, on my new blog, that I will share with you, my love, for the little delights they call, Nail polish.

I hope you find some inspiration and happiness from reading my blog!

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