Friday, January 4, 2013

Stargazer Lipstick - 106 Neon Red

Hello everyone! Today I have something a bit different from nail polish. Today I will be showing you the Stargazer Neon Red lipstick! I bought mine on ebay for about $8.50! Super cheap. It is quite creamy and very highly pigmented. No need for blotting and reapplying that's for sure. As the name suggests it is a neon red but it looks more like a neon orange on my lips. It does not dry to a matte finish, but is nice and creamy and shiny.

I really like this colour and think it looks great against my tan skin. Do you own any bright neon lipsticks? Have a good day and thanks for reading!


  1. Love it dear ! <3
    It looks perfect on you.. maybe I should try this ^^

    1. Thanks rossy! It's a great lippie :-)

  2. LOVE this shade - it's vibrant - has summer written all over it and I love the see-through look like a gloss and lipcolor in one! I heard a fast review on what was coming hot for this yr on I think it was a spot on the Today show...neon lipstick was what they said as one of the things - we won't see the neon polishes and much in neon clothing - those are going into hiding and out but neon lips - IN for 2013!

  3. Looks amazing, love this on you!

  4. Thanks Rossy it really is lovely!

  5. It's making a comeback I reckon! :)

  6. Mel! This is fab-u-lous!!! Looks gorge xxx