Thursday, October 30, 2014

Model Co X Tony Bianco Nail Polish Collection

Hi guys! Today I have 6 nail polishes to show you from the ModelCo X Tony Bianco collaboration. This collection is super gorgeous and perfect for spring/summer in Australia. There are 4 pastels, 1 metallic shimmer and a matte black. These polishes are available on the ModelCo website here and retail for $15.00. Each picture shows 2 coats and no topcoat. The formula on these were perfect and brush is nice and wide which makes it super easy to apply. Let's have a look at this beautiful collection!

First Up is Baby Cakes - A perfect cotton candy pink creme

Coachella Nights - A plain black creme - that surprised me when it dried matte!

Hot To Trot Apricot - Love the name and the colour. A flesh toned peach creme.

Oh My Goodness Greycious - A light blue/grey creme

Shimmer Me Timbers - A rose gold shimmery metallic polish. This one is seriously gorgeous on tan skin - perfect for the warmer months!

You & Me Are Mint To Be - A gorgeous green-y mint creme. 

I am really loving this collection and makes me want to do some pretty girly nail art with it! So stay tuned for that in the next week or so! Which colour is your favourite from the collection? Thanks for reading and have a Happy Halloween and great weekend! xx

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sally Hansen - Miracle Gel Review

Hi guys! How are you all going? Today I have a review of the Sally Hansen - Miracle Gel system! It is very unique and it does not require a base coat OR light to cure it! The colours i'll be showing are Pretty Piggy; a gorgeous salmon pink, Street Flair; a grey toned purple and Pink Tank; a raspberry red! I followed the directions as specified on the website and applied 2 coats of colour onto bare, clean nails, followed by 1 coat of the top coat. It cures by using natural light - and I was pleasantly surprised to notice that it touch dries in about 8 minutes - similar to CND Vinylux. These retail for $16.95 and are available from Priceline, Supermarkets, Kmart, and Target nationally. Have a look at my results after 5 days below!

Pretty Piggy
Street Flair
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
As you can see, it only really lasted well for about 3 days on me - but my job does entail heavy hand/finger usage so this is actually really good results for me! I've seen some people have incredible results and am eager to try this again when i'm on holidays for a few weeks! Let me know what you think of this product and if you'll be testing it out! Thanks for reading and have a great week.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Model Co - Spring Racing Essentials (Red Lip & Black Mascara)

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a lovely morning so far! Today I have 2 make up products by ModelCo to show you - which are perfect for the Spring Racing season! You can never go wrong with lashings of mascara and a red lip so today that's what i'll be showing you! The Power Lash Long Wear Black Mascara (RRP $24.00 , available online here) is a brilliant mascara that thickens your lashes and noticeably lengthens them - without clumping! This was seriously hard to remove so is perfect for long days out in the heat! I've also been loving the Lip Lacquer Liquid Lipstick in the shade Fire Red, which is a gorgeous blue toned red which makes your teeth look whiter - and a bonus - this product smells like cherries, YUM!! It was really hard not to lick my lips but I managed to get a shot just in time. This is really easy to apply, but is slightly sticky on the lips, although it does leave a nice stain afterwards. This retails for RRP $17.00 and is available here. Check out how these looked on me below!

Left Eye: Without Mascara Right Eye: With Mascara

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy EDP

Hi everyone! Hope you are well! Today I have a fragrance by Juicy Couture to share with you, it's their highly coveted fragrance called Viva La Juicy. It was ranked #1 in the top beauty Product of All Time on the beauty network! It is a gorgeous, super sweet fragrance with main notes of mandarin, wild berries, honeysuckle, jasmine and gardenia, perfect for Summer. I am so inlove with the gorgeous bottle! Viva La Juicy EDP retails for $85 for 50ml and $110 for 100ml and is available from Myer, David Jones, Priceline and selected pharmacies nationally. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

NCLA - Designer Nail Wraps

Hey everyone! Today I am showing you the new NCLA - Designer Nail Wraps in the designs "Truth In Turqouise" and "Amethyst". These nail wraps are unlike any i've tried before - they actually work! They're far more easier to apply, smooth down without making bubbles and not to mention - it is the longest lasting nail wrap i've ever used! (They've just been awarded the best nail wraps in the US - that's saying something!). These wraps retail for $22.00 and is available online at Today i'm showing you "Truth in Turqouise" on my nails. All I did was apply a base coat of OPI - Nail Envy and waited for it to dry. Then I applied the wraps and filed off any excess from the tips. I finished it off with 1 coat of Seche Vite. These lasted 5 whole days without any chipping, peeling or lifting! They definitely would of lasted longer but I was going a little crazy not being able to do my nails for 5 days so I removed them. They remove like regular nail polish too! These nail wraps are so great and perfect if you are in a rush or don't have time for detailed nail art! I also really want to customise my own wraps - the possibilites are endless! Thanks so much for reading and have a great weekend!