Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Artsy Wednesday - Halloween!

Hi guys! Happy Halloween! It isn't really celebrated here in Australia but it is a great excuse to have a party and eat candy so what the hey! Today's theme, as you guessed it, is halloween ooooOoooOoooh! (scary ghost voice). I decided to do SPOOKY EYEBALLS! This is super easy to do. P.s sorry i've been quiet lately, i'm cramming for my end of semester exams! Anyway, here is the look :-)

Colours used (in order):
2 coats of OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls*
I used a red striper for the eye veins
1 dot of KIKO - 295
1 dot of OPI - Black Onyx
1 dot of OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls*

This was so easy to do and I actually liked how it looked on my nails! Freaky, but cool :-)

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Friday, October 26, 2012

OPI's First Ever Short Film

Hey loves! Please take the time to watch this very unique and interesting short film by OPI
On Friday 26th October, the world’s leading professional nail care brand, OPI releases their first ever international short film/video by award winning film director Han Emanuel, featuring a dancing horse, professional dancers and a lot of colour.
OPI pays hommage to its Culture of Color branding through a surrealistic dance-off competition between a horse and 4 female dancers; each possessing their own style of dance and their own individual shade of OPI lacquer; illustrating that OPI nail lacquer can be used as a means of self-expression and individualism.
In the video, the 4 professional dancers communicate their chosen colour through dance whilst competing against a very talented dancing horse. The well known and talented horse, best know for his staring role in the movie The War Horse, is named Lady in Black, otherwise known as OPI’s Black Onyx.  The horse mimicks the dance steps of the women, performing different dance styles such as ballet, tap, hip hop and freelance.
Each of the women are wearing a difference shade of OPI - Pink-ing of You, Red My Fortune Cookie, Need Sunglasses? and No Room for the Blues.  Whilst the horse, Lady In Black, mirrors the dancers by wearing the same shade of nail lacquer on his hooves. 
The OPI video clip is set to the song Down the Road by French DJ band C2C.
P.s the horse in the video was the horse that stared in the movie War Horse! Pretty cool :-) 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Barry M + Jemma Kidd Make Up Review

Hey guys! Today I received my order from ASOS and I snagged some pretty cool and cheap pieces of make up from their mid season sale, woop! I bought 3 eye shadow glide on pencils and 1 blush :-)

First up is JK Jemma Kidd In Vogue Perfect Blush - Colour 03 Fifth Avenue for $13.56

This blush is so pretty! Comes with 4 different colours to make the perfect glow on your cheeks! I haven't really used a blush before so I wanted to try one that had a nice peachy/pink look to it. It is very subtle but is easily buildable!

Shade, outside - Truest colour to palette
It is really hard to see the swatches on my hand but in order from left to right and with respect to the blush palette: Top left pink colour, Middle peach shimmer colour, Top right dark peach colour, Bottom right light nude colour.

Secondly, 3 Barry M Eyeshadow Pencils - $7.63 each, colours bought are: Bronze, White Gold and Gun Metal

These are awesome! Super easy glide on pencils with huge colour transfer! Bonus, they are waterproof and do not smudge easily... woo!

I did a bit of a trial on my eyes. Firstly in the inner corner is the White gold, then on my upper lid is the Bronze, I used a little bit of bronze between the White Gold on the bottom lash line and then lined the rest of my lower lash line with the Gun metal shadow. Really actually liked this look!

What do you think of these items? Have you got any of them in your stash?

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Artsy Wednesday - Saran Wrap/Cling Wrap Nails

Heeeeeyyyyyy guys! So today's AW theme is Saran Wrap, by now most of you would have seen this interesting technique! (my favourite one is here by Katy @ blognailedit) Well I have actually tried this technique once before and I failed. . . and here I try it again with a clean canvas and high hopes....yet I fail again!!! I don't know what it is, but I can't get it to look like all the photos i've been seeing, I really dislike when that happens! The colours I used were 2 coats of China Glaze - Loves A Beach and 1 thin coat of OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls and scrunched up little pieces of glad wrap to remove some of the white polish. I didn't add a topcoat with this look.

It doesn't look awful, but I just wasn't a big fan to be honest! What do you think? Any tips to give me?
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Models Own - Champagne + Lilli's Pink Accent

Hi guys! Here are some more colours from my Models Own haul. Champagne (used on all fingers except my ring finger) is a lovely rose gold/silver glitter flake foil. It's crazy, but this colour can look more of a light rose gold in certain lights, but looks mostly a shimmery silver champagne colour. Lilli's Pink is a stuning blushing pink foil! Is so much brighter on the nail than in the bottle. Formula on these are very good and super easy to pain with. I'm impressed with my first couple of Models Own polishes! I used 2 coats of each colour followed by 1 coat of wicked fast.

I loved wearing these colours! But I had to cut my nails down to nubbins booo :-(

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

A-England - Avalon + Models Own - Indian Ocean

Hi guys!! I finally got my order from Models Own that I bought when they had 50% off everything! I picked up soooo many pretty colours so look out for them in the next couple of days! Today was a spontaneous and 'accident' combo, but it looked gorgeous! I first started off with 2 coats of A-England - Avalon (swatches of it here) the perfect plum with blue micro shimmer in it and then I applied 1 coat of Models Own - Indian Ocean, which is from their Beetlejuice collection, and as most of you will know, the colours in that collection are a bunch of amazing duochromeness'. Indian Ocean is an iridescent blue with soft pink undertones, best served over an existing colour! Just check out the photos, they explain better than I do! All photos (except the second one, which is indoors with artificial light) show photos outdoors in the shade.

Don't you love when you stumble upon a seriously cool combo? Couldn't stop staring at my nails!

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Thanks for reading and have a great day/night wherever you are!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Artsy Wednesday - Inspired by Current Season

Okay. . . so today's nails aren't entirely "Spring-like", but nonetheless, they are pretty and they do look super cute with a spring outfit . . close enough?
For this look I started with 2 coats of Zoya - Caitlin (a simple yet sweet lilac toned grey) and then dotted on Zoya - Layla (pink satin...amazing!) on each nail but for the thumb I just changed the colours around. (Swatches and full descriptions of these colours can be found here

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I always seem to come back and use these 2 colours together, they look so perfect together! :) Also, I am holding a giveaway! If you want to win a $30AUD gift voucher then enter here!
*Products provided for review

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Current Nail Care Routine

Hi darls! Today's post is what I use to keep my nails, cuticles and hands in top condition! Keep reading and I will show you what I use :-)

Most of you probably know about/own and currently use Lush's Lemony Flutter. It is a super rich and thick pot full of lemony smelling goodness! Great just before bed on the cuticles, but I also find it works great on the elbows, knees and balls of my feet!

Estee Lauder Body Performance - Mani/Pedi Smoothing Manicure/Pedicure Treatment. I got this in a huge Estee Lauder make up gift pack I bought at a charity auction. On the bottle it states it's like a paraffin dip treatment. It is really moisturising and rich, and has an interesting smell, it isn't bad, but not lovely like roses or lollies. This works really well on my peeling feet (ew!).

Seacret Spa Cuticle Oil - I bought this yearsssssss ago and still have so much left! You only need a small drop on each nail. It is odourless but is really lovely after a shower or when i'm soaking my nails in a bowl of warm water to soften the cuticles.

OPI - Nail Envy Original - People swear by this stuff, and I'm beginning to see why. I only started using this almost a month ago and I've definitely noticed my nails are a lot thicker and break less. I use 2 coats before every mani.

OPI - Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go - This stuff!! I randomly stumbled upon this little pen of goodness when I bought 2 OPI polishes from DJ's and got it for free! It is SO good and smells amazing! So refreshing and fruity and it works so well. It lasts a really long time! I received this in January and i've only just finished it now :-( (I need to buy a new one (or two) pronto!).

OPI - Nail file. This is a really good nail file. It's worn down a lot, i definitely need a new one! It's not too coarse and great for gently shaping the nail without pulling layers off.

So there you have it! My current nail care routine. It works pretty well for me! I used to clip my cuticles (I know, forgive me!!) but by using more cuticle oils/creams i've noticed a huge difference in my nails! I used to find that my left hand pointer finger had a much smaller nail compared to my right hands pointer, but that wasn't true, it just had a thicker layer of cuticle growth, and now that i soak my hands in warm water and apply cuticle cream on them they are practically the same size!

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Monday, October 15, 2012


Hello lovelies! I've decided to host a giveaway for you special people! If you haven't been on before, I suggest you go there and have a look! It's an awesome beauty (as the name suggests) website and I find myself going onto the website everyday. (p.s this giveaway is not hosted by, just me as I love the website!) They sell a great range of beauty products and..NAIL POLISH! Yahoooo! But this giveaway isn't limited to only nail polish, you can pick whichever item(s) you would like, as long as the price does not exceed $30AUD (the website allows you to shop in different currencies).  I will be using my own money to host this giveaway and just want to say a big THANK YOU to this amazing community, your support means a lot and now here is something for you! You got to be in it to win it! a Rafflecopter giveaway

China Glaze - Sun-kissed

Hey guys! This colour is from the latest Summer neon collection 2012 by China Glaze called Sun kissed, a super bright neon yellow highlighter with incredibly gorgeous yellow shimmer. This is very opaque (which is great compared to Orly - glowstick which requires a few coats of a white underneath). I used 2 coats here and wicked fast over the top.

This surprisingly stained my nails, and I doubled up on the base coat too, so be wary!

Thanks for reading loves and see you again soon!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

China Glaze - Flip Flop Fantasy

Hi everyone! I am soooo in love with this amazing colour by CG called Flip Flop Fantasy, it is such an awesome canteloupe/melon neon colour! I used 2 coats here with wicked fast on top. Do you own this colour? It is PERFECT for summer and in nightclubs under UV lights ;) I could only get the truest colour of this by decreasing the lighting but this is most accurate (but 10x more brighter IRL).

Thanks for reading loves! Have a great weekend :-)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Stripey Lime Crime Mani

Hey guys! Today I felt like something really girly and fun so I opted for a multi-coloured nail with stripes! For this look I started with 2 coats of OPI - Nail Envy Original. From the pinky to the thumb I used 2 coats of Lime Crime: Pastelchio, Crema Di Lemon, Peaches <3 Creme, Once In A Blue Mousse and Lavendairy. I then used a white nail striper to paint stripes on. I'm not the best at painting even stripes yet but practice makes perfect! I love this look so much. I topped it all off with 1 coat of Wicked Fast. *Note, the white stripes on the green nail turned yellow, seems like Pastelchio has a stronger colour as it was the most opaque from all the colours I used as well.*

This look is super cute and so easy to do! I hope you try it out as well :) Thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tweezerman Super Eyelash Curler Review

Hi guys! A little while ago I purchased the Tweezerman eyelash curler off asos for a cheap price! I had never used a proper eyelash curler before (only those heated brush ones which don't even curl that well!) I'd always heard great things about eyelash curlers so I thought i'd give it a go. It's a nifty little device, a really nice clear curler with a simple gold Tweezerman logo on the side. It feels quite sturdy and modern. It also came with 3 replaceable refill pads. I don't think i'm quite used to it yet, I'm good at doing my left eye (as i'm left handed) but when it comes to my right eye I always pinch it :( It hurts a little. I find it hard to get the most outer edge lashes into the curler sometimes but that takes practice. Here are some photos of the product (courtesy of

: :
 And here are some photos of my lashes before and after (p.s sorry for the dodgy photos, my cameras been playing up lately!):


This little device does work really well at curling and opening the eye! I really like it and think it's such a nifty and easy way to make your eyes look like they have mascara on. My only concern is that curling your eyelashes could weaken the hair and cause more eyelashes to fall out. Does anybody else have this concern or am I mad? Thanks for reading!