Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ego SunSense Face SPF50+ Range

With the Australian Summer approaching us, we need to ensure we are reaching for our SPF50+ sunscreens for daily use. Did you know that 80% of UV radiation can penetrate through light cloud cover? It is astonishing how many studies are showing that UV rays are greatly affecting our skin, which can lead to premature aging. I for one want to have glowing, wrinkle-free skin like my mum at the age of 56! (Might also have something to do with her European background). Nonetheless, I admittedly have found it difficult to wear sunscreen consistently. As I have tan skin, and hardly burn when out in the sun, I used to use that excuse to not wear sunscreen - which is such a big NO! I just hadn't found a sunscreen product that didn't make my skin look oily, and make it feel greasy and sticky at the same time..

Since trying the new SunSense Face SPF50+ Range I am officially converted. Their Sunscreen are all fragrance, PABA, lanolin free, non-comodogenic and leaves a matte-like finish.  The sunscreen range also contain added Nicotinamide (not related to nicotine, is actually part of the Vitamin B group) and Vitamin E. I have really enjoyed using the Invisible Tint Finish Sunscreen* (RRP $14.99 - $25.95 for 75g and 200mL respectively). It has a slight pink/flesh tone colour but easily blends. It is quite sheer so is not for full coverage but helps to brighten the skin for a fresher look. I've been wearing this everyday for over a week and have loved the way it keeps my skin feeling soft all day. A great gift idea for Christmas would be the SunSense Moisturising Face* (RRP $13.95 for 100mL) or the SunSense Anti-Ageing Face* (RRP $20.95 for 100mL) which are also great stocking fillers, or hamper gifts for the adventure junkie! It is slightly thicker then the tint sunscreen and leaves skin looking slightly oily looking but is actually oil-free and ideal for all skin types. I also love that they come in smaller sizes, which are PERFECT for travel, or chucking in your beach bag for a day out! One other product I am obsessed with at the moment is the SunSense Lip Balm* (RRP $5.95 for 15mL). It is a rich, unscented, creamy white lip balm that absorbs very easily and leaves the lips feeling super soft and hydrated. I love the added cocoa butter! I can't wait for Summer to be here (8 days!!) so I can go to the beach a lot and have lots of fun, with the protection of SunSense, of course!

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