Friday, February 8, 2013

Pantene PRO-V - Intensive Damage Repair Oil

Hi everyone! Today I have Pantene's PRO-V Intensive Damage Repair Oil to show you – RRP $9.99 (but bought it for $4.99 on special at Coles).

My hair is no stranger when it comes to damage and lots of hair dyes! I dye the ends of my hair a very light ash blonde every 3 months or after every haircut to keep my balayage/ombre look intact. I’ve been doing it since October 2011(!) The ends of my hair get seriously brittle so I knew I needed a good treatment which is why I thought I’d give this Pantene oil a go. . Plus it was on special! It helps repair and seal every strand of hair and reduces protein loss. It smells just like regular Pantene shampoo and conditioner and the oil is clear when you pump it out of the bottle. I only used a 5c piece worth and it was more than enough for the ends of my hair. My ends look much shinier and smell great but after 1 use I can’t see a dramatic improvement. I do really like this oil and think it works well to style hair naturally and help keep it hydrated as well as helping you have a good hair day!. What do you think?

Aaaaanddd... a sneaky pic of me front on!

 Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post and have a lovely day!

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