Tuesday, March 5, 2013

MAC - Party Parrot Lipstick Review

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Hellloooo! Today i'm very excited to share with you a colour from a new collection by MAC called Strength. I don't find myself eagerly wanting new lipsticks every time a new collection comes out, but this one caught my eye and I knew I had to have it! Party Parrot is such an amazing bright cantaloupe melon semi-matte lipstick. The girl at the MAC counter said it was full matte, but I don't think it is as it feels so smooth and not dry at all on my lips. It is so gorgeous and easy to apply. I really like colours that compliment my skin tone and because I am quite tanned I can easily pull off bright, almost neon-like colours during day or night. I've worn this during the day out to the city and it lasts okay. . because it is quite creamy it comes off a bit too fast.. especially when I kiss my boyfriend. . . he always quickly wipes his mouth to get any transferred lipstick off :-P Nonetheless, a purchase well deserved and I can see this being a regular in my winter make-up routine. Bright colours in winter. . .yes please!


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