Saturday, March 9, 2013

Barry M - Textured Polishes 2013 Collection

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Hello everyone!! Today I have a textured colour from Barry M's new collection to show you called Station Road. In the bottle it is a beautiful bright yellow with gorgeous yellow glitter in it. When it is applied onto the nail it dries into a very textured almost sand-like finish. It's all about textures this year! I saw beautiful swatches over at One Nail To Rule Them All and immediately had to buy all four colours but when I applied it and waited for it to dry (which mind you took at least an hour!) I wasn't very wowed by it. It just didn't look that great. I'm not hesitant to try the other 3 colours :-( I used 3 coats here and no top coat. 

Close up it looks a bit like grated cheese or creamed corn. . . lol. Have you made a recent purchase you regret? Thanks for reading!!

1 comment:

  1. I don't know if I'm all that keen on these textured polishes, I think some colours look better than others, but I still don't know if I'd actually be happy wearing them.

    But, this yellow is lovely (even it looks a bit cheesy/corny!)