Monday, February 24, 2014

OPI - Gwen Stefani Collection

Hey everyone! Today I will be showing you the collection of polishes from the latest OPI x Gwen Stefani collection (on counters now). This collection consists of 7 shades; 2 glossy cremes, 2 satin-finish colours, 1 glitter, 1 chrome and 1 super limited hot red that comes in a box with swarovski studs and crystals. The stand out for me is definitely the chrome colour (Push & Shove) which even comes with its own base coat; Lay Down The Base for optimal results. 

Each photo shows 2 coats applied (excluded Push & Shove, which is 1 coat) and shows the first picture in direct light and the second photo indoors/shade.

4 In The Morning (Satin) - One of my favourite shades from the collection, is a satin black with silve micro shimmer through it. This dries to the nail slightly lighter and is gorgeous!

Hey Baby - A hot pink bubblegum creme. Very girly

In True Stefani Fashion - A super dense silver and holographic packed glitter topper. Micro glitters and hex glitters galore!

I Sing In Colour - My least favourite from the collection. A dark, deep eggplant shade. This shade is just not for me. Applies perfectly though!

Love.Angel..Music.Baby - This stunner is my favourite from the whole collection and is a gold fine glitter that dries to a stunning satin finish. It is super elegant and girly. I adore!

Over & Over A-Gwen with Swarovski Gold Studs -  A super bright fire engine red. A classic colour. The studs are gorgeous and very sturdy.

Push & Shove - The most anticipated and exciting colour by OPI to date (i'd say, anyway!), this super shiny, eye-searing silver chrome polish. It is actually much brighter in person than Layla's version. It's a shame on the wear time though (about 4 hours before chipping commenced)! 

I have really enjoyed this collection. 4 out of 7 colours are new, fresh and exciting and I love seeing what nail polish brands can do! One day soon, I hope to see a gold chrome colour - that lasts longer than 24 hours as well! Let me know your favourites! Thanks for reading.

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