Friday, November 1, 2013

ELEVEN - Sea Salt Texture Spray (Before & After Pictures)

Remember when I raved about ELEVEN's hair products a few weeks ago? Now I have a Sea Salt Texture Spray* (RRP $20.95, available online and at selected salons) to show you! This lightweight spray gives you volume, thickness and beach hair texture. It smells delicious and it's really hard to describe the smell but I'll try. Does anyone remember years ago when only a few Harry Potter movies were out and at Target and Kmart they used to sell Harry Potter kits where you could make potions and weird worm things and it was ALL edible!? Well smelling this product brings back the greatest of memories of those days making and gobbling up potions from that kit! It's very similar to the Jelly Belly watermelon flavour smell. Please let me know if anyone remembers those kits? (p.s I just found them here!! Highly considering buying it) I'd love to have one in my life again!! lol. This works really well at doing what it says. It definitely gives volume, makes hair look wavy and gives beach hair texture. . so much so that my hair was incredibly knotty and felt salty and dry! My hair is already quite wavy and beachy looking but this definitely gave it more volume and extra wavy-ness to it.I really loved the end result.

Before (Hair dried naturally) and After


  1. Brilliant review! Although your hair is gorgeous naturally. My hair is dead straight, so these never quite work for me - but that doesn't mean I'll stop trying! Might have to give this one a go next...

    Amy | Bubbles & Blush

    1. Ohh that's annoying that you can't find a product that works for you! Try this one - you never know it could work! And if not, it smells great!! lol :) xx