Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ModelCo Autumn Racing Makeup

Hi guys! Today I have a few products by ModelCo to show you. These products would be perfect for those upcoming Autumn Racing events! I had never tried ModelCo nail polish or lipstick prior to these products and I'm seriously impressed. The quality is impeccable and the colours are right on trend! ModelCo can be purchased from Priceline, Woolworths, Target, selected pharmacies nationally and online at www.modelcocosmetics.com. 

First up i'll show you the Fibre Lash Brush On False Lashes (RRP $35.00) which is a instant false lash mascara kit to take your eyelashes from subtle to dramatic in minutes. The process takes a bit of time. First you need to apply the regular mascara all over your lashes (including lower lashes) and then apply the lash fibres onto your eyelashes afterwards, ensuring you look down to avoid getting any fibres in your eyes - which I must say, doesn't hurt, but is slightly uncomfortable, like having fluff in your eyes. Then wait about 30 seconds after applying the lash fibres, then apply 1 final coat of the regular mascara again. It seriously lenghtened my eyelashes so much and definitely made them look more volumised and dramatic. I loved the end result but one thing I did find was that my eyelashes were super sticky and would clump together into big sections. It did feel heavy on the eyes after a while, but this is perfect for a big night out or a special event!

Before - no product on lashes
1 coat of Mascara
1 coat of Lash Fibres applied over Mascara
Final coat of mascara over Lash Fibres and initial coat of Mascara
You can really see a dramatic difference from the first coat of mascara to the end result! Amazing!

Now i'll be showing you the nail polish in the shade Wine & Dine; a gorgeous mulled wine red creme and the lipstick; Party Proof Matte Lipstick in the shade that matches perfectly to the nails; Smitten (a slightly lighter dark red creme) (both retail for $14.95 and $16.95, respectively). The nail polish is of such good quality and applied effortlessly and the lipstick is so long lasting and very pigmented in colour. I applied 1 coat for both products.

For a Matte lipstick it is SUPER creamy!

What's your favourite product by ModelCo? I can't wait to try more of their products! Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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