Monday, August 4, 2014

Gelicious Hybrid Gel Nail Kit Review

Hi guys! Hope you are well and had a great weekend! Today I am doing a post on the Gelicious Hybrid Gel Nail Kit for you. I've tried a lot of gel kits, some last quite well and some last not so well. I have a very descriptive, detailed blog post here that tells you about the different types of gels and how to get maximum wear out of your gel manis! This gel kit differs from regular ones because it is a soft gel that does not require a base coat or a maximum 3 minute cure time for each layer. 

This is one of the faster gel kits i've used and only requires the gel colour you want to use, the top coat and 30 seconds for each curing layer! I really enjoyed using this product because not only do you not have to do a base coat (which saves you almost 9 minutes alone from ordinary soft gel kits) but you apply your chosen colour straight away (only taking 1 minute in total - I managed to cure all 8 fingers at once in the lamp, then the thumbs separately) and then your top coat (another 1 minute) and if you plus on the painting time and removing the tacky layer at the end it only really takes like 7 minutes in total! This product is definitely for people who don't like waiting for polish to dry or need a last minute manicure before an event or something! 

Now for me, the time wear is never really that great because my current job entails a lot of peeling, lifting, pulling - pretty much any hand/nail activity you can think of so i'm lucky to just have length on my nails at all! And my hands/nails get extremely dirty from all the boxes i'm touching so I wash them at least 6 times a day! So yes, ideally, for a day to day basis this product is not good for me as it chipped and lifted after 2 days BUT, I am confident that if I wore this on a holiday or a weekend off work it would not fail to stay and look flawless! 

This is the kit I tried out, it came with the lamp, top coat and my choice of colour (I chose Little Prince George, a super gorgeous periwinkle baby blue with white matte glitters through it). For $129 this is really cheap! There are so many different colours to choose from and they currently have 50% off their UV LED lamp so I highly recommend checking them out! Their website is

Here's a look at my nails during the week.

Day 1
Day 2
Lifting on my thumb after 2 days.
Have you tried Gelicious? How does it last on you! I'm eager to know if anyone else who has a hand/nail heavy job has better wear or it's just me! Thanks for reading and speak soon!!

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