Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kester Black - New Summer Colours + Trophy Wife Collab!

One of my favourite nail polish brands, Kester Black has released 4 new shades to her Summer Collection and 2 new collaboration shades with Trophy Wife Nail Art. Today I will be reviewing all 6 shades. I cannot get over how amazing the photos to show case them are! For me, the image below evokes so much imagination and inspiration and I love the style a lot. If you wanna see more photos of the new summer collection check it out here. Each photo shows 2 coats of each polish (unless stated) with no top coat. I also have to mention that the brushes are really good and thick, making it so much easier to give you that perfect arch around the cuticle. Check it out below!

Acid Nail Polish 

Summer Collection Shades:

Acid - a gorgeous acid yellow/slightly chatreuse creme that only need 2 coats for full opacity. Such a cool, bright colour in person! Love this one!

Blush - A very soft pale pink/peach creme. Perfect formula.

Sky - A very light blue sky creme. This is such a dreamy shade and perfect for spring.

Violet - A bright pink toned mid purple creme. Arghh purples are so hard to photograph but this colour is more a lighter lavender/pink colour IRL. It remind me of Sation's - Love At First Lavender but just a tad darker.

Trophy Wife Collabaration Shades:

Sugar Daddy - A super dense, highly pigmented silver glitter polish. The first photo shows 1 coat and the second photo shows 2 coats. I could have easily gotten away with 1 coat! So pretty and sparkly in person.

Prenup - A pale purple/periwinkle creme. This colour was also very difficult to capture accurately. It's less blue and slightly more purple. It's so pretty.

These polishes are beyond amazing and I'm so excited to do some nail art with them - using inspiration from those amazing photographs I linked above! Which Kester Black polish is your favourite? I love Acid the most from these new colours as it's so different to anything I own! Thanks for reading and talk soon!

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