Monday, March 23, 2015

Benefit - Roller Lash Review

Hi guys how are you going? I hope you had a great weekend! Today I will be sharing with you my review of the newest mascara by Benefit called Roller Lash (RRP $38.00, available from Myer on the 18th April 2015). This new 'super curling and lifting' mascara has a patent-pending hook design that positions, catches, lifts and curls lashes into a dream curl. It helps to open your eyes and the formula holds them in place for 12 hours. The brush design has a curved, thick side (perfect for upper lashes) and a straight thin side (perfect for bottom lashes). The packaging is gorgeous. Very cutesy and barbie like with the textured wand handle in bright pink. 

I really looooove this mascara. When I first tried it I found it clumped up my lashes so much and gave me a thick, black spidery look but once the formula settled a bit and I figured out the best technique to apply it, it gave me such long curly lashes. I was actually very impressed as it looked like I was wearing false lashes! I had so many compliments when I wore this out. I've also found it can be a dual result mascara. When you use the curved, thick side on your upper lashes they are incredibly dramatic, but if you flip the brush  to the straight, thin side and use that on your upper lashes it gives you a more natural, everyday result which I preferred. Let's look at my results showing 1 coat on my upper and lower lash using the curved and straight sides respectively.


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