Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mandara Spa Collection

Hi guys! Today I have some bath and body products to share with you from a brand that's new to me called Mandara Spa, inspired by the spa rituals of Bali, Hawaii, Thailand and the Maldives. I have 3 products from the Bali Santi collection, and two creams from their body butter line. I'm in love with the vibrant packaging and the scent in all these products are amazing. It's a fragrant mix of coconut, sweet almond and spice (a bit like cinnamon and sandalwood combined). Mandara Spa is available online here. Let's take a look at the products shall we?!

How cute are my Moroccan inspired candle holders from Tiger!
On the far left we have the Bali Santi Blooming Bath & Shower Oil (RRP £7) - this product is my favourite from the group as I adore oils to cleanse and clean with. It is super nourishing and makes your skin feel incredibly soft afterwards.
Bali Santi Nurturing Body Milk (RRP £5) - This lightweight, but deep moisturising body milk is super creamy and absorbs into the skin very quickly. It does leave a slight stickiness to the skin, but makes you smell divine.
Bali Santi Smoothing Body Polish (RRP £8) - This body polish is almost like a thick moisturiser/yoghurt but with very gentle micro beads to softly and effectively remove dead skin cells. I use this almost daily on my chest, shoulders, outer thighs and butt! Your skin will feel so smooth!
Foot Butter (RRP £4.50) - The skin on my feet are the driest areas on my body so I was in definite need of some TLC there. I've been using this religiously for the past week before bed each night, applying socks afterwards to hold the moisture in and the appearance has dramatically improved! I also really love the smell, kind of like the ocean with citrus and coconut! It is super light weight and absorbs really quickly.
Hand Butter (RRP £4.50) - This hand butter is amazing. It is so rich and thick and is enriched with shea butter so it smells incredible. Not much else I can say on this product, other than it does the job of moisturising and hydrating my hands very well.

I can't wait to get through these products - my body will be loving me (as well as my boyfriend) because it makes me feel so soft and smell magnificent! Have you tried any products from this brand? I'd love to know! Thanks a lot for reading and i'll see you all next time!


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