Saturday, November 7, 2015

October Favourites

Hi everyone! How are you on this dreary Saturday? I've had a busy week working, and finishing up at work to start my new job on Monday! Exciting times ahead. Today I want to share with you a few favourites of mine that I gathered in my first month living here in London. So let's jump right in!

Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo (RRP £2.79 from Boots) - This shampoo was bought on a whim because my old shampoo was making my hair greasy with residue and flat looking. Oh boy did I choose a winner. This smells SO good! It is literally like lathering liquid chocolate into your hair - with a hint of coconut. If there's one shampoo you try next - make it this one! Besides the irresistable smell, it cleans my hair really well and makes it look so shiny and gives it lots of volume too. Win!

Simply Kind To Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion (RRP £3.29 from Boots) - This is obviously not a brand new product to the market, it's been available for as long as I can remember but I was just never drawn to try it. I'm really glad I did. I was in desperate need of a gentle skin cleanser because I was getting some sort of skin allergy/rash on my chin area (just below my lip) and it was so raw and red and looked a bit suspicious (lol) but it was because I was using a very abrasive facial scrub daily. Yep, i'm one of those people who feel like their face isn't cleaned unless i'm scratching it off. This cleanser alleviated my allergy within a week and my skin has been so soft and flawless since using it! The only negative is the bottle design. I have to shake the bottle so much to get product out when i'm more than halfway down. Boo!

Mavala Active Hand Gel (RRP £16.85 online here) - A gel hand cream that refreshes and moisturises. I was skeptical on this product because i'm so used to using creamy hand creams, but as this is a gel it dries super quick - which I love (and I know my mum would love too). At first it's really wet and slimy, like a gel, but after a few minutes it will completely dry and leave a slight stickiness to your hands but after about 5 minutes that sticky residue also disappears! Try using it before bed - I guarantee your hands will feel like a baby's bottom.

Mavala Mavapen Nutritive Oil For Cuticles (RRP £10.40 online here ) - A cuticle oil pen - every nail lover should have one (or two) in every bag they use! I'd rather have one in every bag I use so I don't have to remember to put it in (and risk forgetting it). This is like a felt-tip pen and doesn't over disperse product - making it very cost-effective by lasting longer! It gives great hydration to my cuticles too.

Mavala Mava-White Optical Nail Whitener (RRP £11 online here) - My favourite product from the lot, a nail whitener. It dramatically transforms your nails into a beautiful, natural, healthy looking nail! I'm assuming 90% of my readers will have slightly yellow/stained nails from all the nail polish they use - and i'm no exception either! Look how amazing the results are. It dries to a natural semi-matte finish and dries really fast. Perfect when you're too lazy to paint your nails with colour but want them to look presentable and polished. 

There you have it guys! My monthly favourites! I am loving trying out all the new products here in the UK. Are there any products in particular you think I should try out? Let me know! Have a great weekend!

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