Friday, February 3, 2012

Brush Types - A General Overview

Hello there! Today I will be showing you a post on the different types of nail polish brushes I own. Now, I am aware that I don't have ALL the popular brands (my first China Glaze polishes are on their way!) BUT, I do have a typical sample collection to show you! Enjoy :)

The real stand outs for me personally are brushes that are thick, E.g BK, KIKO, OPI and Estee Lauder. These brushes are the easiest for me to work with as I naturally have long nails and find it great at applying colour evenly.

The hardest brushes for me to use are Revlon and Bloom. They leave my nails looking streaky and can't cover the nail quickly enough before the polish begins to dry.

All in all, I generally don't have too much trouble with application. It really depends on how i'm feeling that day and if i have a steady hand.

What's your opinion? Anyone else having similar issues and success??

Thanks for reading!

Love Mel.

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