Thursday, February 2, 2012

Essie Luxeffects - Set In Stones

So today i've decided to use my new Essie Luxeffects Set In Stones polish over a really bright colour for great contrast! I've used OPI's In My Back Pocket and layered Essie's Set In Stones over the top. I used two coats of In My Back Pocket and it is a beautiful peachy-orange colour. Then I applied one coat of Set In Stones and followed with OPI's RapiDry Top Coat. Set In Stones was an effortless application and had a great formula which made it spread evenly over the nail. Take a look, what do you think of these two colours?

This photo makes me think of a God's hand from up above the sky passing down this colour to be worn and loved!

I think against the orange it really pops and almost gives it a shattered glass effect! This colour by Essie is really good and I can't wait to try it over a nice teal colour!

Here is OPI's In My Back Pocket, a vibrant orange and applies very easily!

Thanks for reading!

Love Mel.


  1. This orange is amazing!! i just bought similar colour along with the blue holo from earlier post [along with about 13 others :S once i saw them online i couldnt stop myself... credit card is going to hate me!!] Very excited!!

    1. Katie!!!! That's awesome! Tell me what you bought I want to know :-)