Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Candy

So as you may have seen earlier I received a stack of Kleancolor's and had NO idea which one to try out first! So I went with Chunky holo candy because it was glowing from the group of polishes! I'm finding it really hard to capture true colours but in person, this colour ALSO glows on my fingers! It's amazing!! :-) I had read so many reviews about Kleancolor's nail polishes having a really strong smell but I found them to be pleasant and not too over powering! The brush type was great! Short, but wide and the formula was excellent! So far i'm happy with my purchase!! :-D

Here are some photos. :-D

Love this colour!!! Do you own this? Do you like this one?? Thanks for reading.

Love Mel.


  1. Love this color! It's so bright & sparkly! Fun!

  2. i want to eat this colour! ^_^