Thursday, June 14, 2012

China Glaze - Neon Collection 2012

Hey guys today I have a couple of colours from the Neon collection by China Glaze. I will be showing you Ride The Waves, a gorgeous navy jelly, Loves A Beach, a pretty pink shimmer with blue undertones and Orange You Not?, a mac-n-cheese mustardy yellow shimmer. I used 1 coat for all except Ride The Waves, which needed two coats (but still had slight VNL). The formula on these were brilliant! I'm very impressed with these and will be trying some more very soon! My favourite from these 3 colours is definitely Ride The Waves. Here are some photos :-)

Look at that luscious water-like nails! Aghh I'm in love!

Also, just letting you know that Hawley International has a $5 clearance sale on some China Glazes so i would check it out!! (

Thanks for reading!

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  1. The blue is delicious! I'm really liking jellies at the moment!

  2. these are gorgeous swatches! as for beach cruise-r the one i have is definitely a purple. mislabled perhaps? looks more like the really bright pink, i think loves a beach maybe?

    1. Yep I think you are right! Thanks a lot!

  3. I thought Beach Cruise-r was more purple!

    I've ordered six of the shades from Summmer Neons and Is really looking forward to get them in my mailbox :)

  4. Oh that jelly blue is amazing!! :D

  5. I think these are honestly the prettiest swatches of the collection I've seen so far! :)

  6. The orange is definitely my favourite!