Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sation - Love At First Lavender

Hey guys! Today I am very excited because I just received my haul from Transdesign and boy oh boy did I pick well! (with the help of inspiration from other bloggers)

I got more excited about my nail polishes than some clothes that I purchased online as well! That's saying something cause I LOVE clothes!

Anyway, it was very hard to pick which colour I wanted to use first, but I went with Sation's - Love At First Lavender, a true lavender creme with pink undertones, which is part of their new collection! I must say just by looking at the Sation i'm impressed! It is a BIG 15ml bottle and has an awesome brush! The brush is better than any brush i've seen from nail polishes, it is very straight, there aren't any long bristles poking out, and it is quite wide! But this colour was super hard to photograph!

Love At First Lavender has a gorgeous formula. 100% opaque in 1 coat, but I used 2 just to smooth it out. It is an absolute stunner and so feminine. I love lavender (the colour, the scent, the plant) a lot so i'm glad I have this colour!

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Hope you like! Thanks for reading :)

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