Friday, June 15, 2012

Color Club - Daisy Does It

Hey everybody! I am feeling very happy on this Friday morning as I had my exam yesterday and it went well, but I still have 2 more so I can't celebrate yet! Today i'll be showing you a gorgeous colour from Color Club's Take Wing Collection! Daisy Does It is an amazing glass fleck daisy yellow which is well and truly incredible! I do not have anything even remotely close to this colour in my collection and i'm so happy with it! I used 3 thin coats and 1 coat of Orly glosser and it dried really quickly! I love this colour, because I just love yellow in general, and it also makes my skin look quite brown! YAY! haha. I bought two other colours from this collection so you will see those very soon! Here are some pics!

 Look at this delicious golden yellow! I am in love! My favourite yellow by far! Do you own any of the Take Wing colours? If they are anything like this one, i'll have to buy the ones i'm missing! Have a nice day! Thanks for reading :-)