Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Essie - Action

Hi guys! Sorry about my absence. I'm trying to study/cram for my last two exams and then I am on holidays for 3 months!! Wooo-hooo! Anyways....to fore warn you..I have serious nubbins at the moment. I recently received a mini Essie haul from Beautybay.com (5 polishes for only about $33..bargain!) Today i'm showing you Essie - Action from their Poppy Razzi collection released earlier this year. Action in the bottle looks like a peachy-orange creme. . .but when you apply it. . it is much darker and dries into an almost jelly like appearance! The formula was very gluggy and thick but not unbearable to work with. I used 2 coats for these pictures followed by 1 coat of wicked fast.

That isn't actually tip wear you see, it's shrinkage. It's a lot harder to seal the tips of my nails because they are so short and I am really noticing much more chipping and shrinkage because of it! Anyway I really love this colour and you'll probably see a few more Essie's coming up in the next couple of posts!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to enter my $30AUD Beautybay.com gift voucher giveaway here! 


  1. Looks really nice - esp since it was over 90 degrees where I live yesterday - I am so not wearing fall shades yet - I am still in shorts and sandals every day. My nails are normally about this lenght (sometimes just a tish longer). I find the exact opposite on tip wear. When my nails are longer I get a lot more tip wear because I am using my nail tips a lot and banging them against things. I kind of think it's what we are used to doing in using our fingers with a certain lenght of nail we get used to that kind of puts us into a mode of how best to protect our tips. As far as wrapping short nail tips, I used a smaller brush than the one in most polish bottles. Sometimes I have used the newer shaped Q-tips (precision tips I think they are called). But once you get used to working on short tips, the tip wrap gets easier. I like this lenght on you! I think it's really a nice look. I am sorry I did not pick up this shade now having seen it a # of times - it looks more jelly like than most neons. I was so neoned out when this collection came out and they did not look that good color wise in the bottle, I did not pick any up. I bought every ChG neon (old and the summer 2012 ones) and have more neons than I ever can use I think - but I surely did wear a ton of different shades of them this yr...hopefully it's not going to be a one yr only fad!

  2. Such a pretty colour - it reminds me of China Glaze's Papaya Punch! Such a spew about the tip wear, I hope your little nubbins grow out soon, but they're so cute!

  3. Haha wow awesome comment! That's really funny how you find the exact opposite, maybe I should just try and wrap the tip even if it gets all over my skin, i can always clean it up later lol but I think it's more so because this polish is jelly-ish and they shrink a fair bit! Yeah neons and definitely a come and go thing! It's good to mix it up though I wore a really dark colour last week and it's basically Summer here! I reckon nail polishes are becoming more accessories than suited to change with the seasons! I try to accentuate my outfit with interesting nails or clash for that complexity but yeah this is a nice colour but does not look like a neon IRL! :)

  4. It's really feels like i'm wearing dried apricots on my fingers that's what it reminds me of! lol