Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bourjois - Volume Clubbing Black Jack Mascara

Hey guys! Today I am doing a review of the new mascara out by Bourjois called Volume Clubbing Black Jack Mascara (RRP $15). I think it's so new that it's not even released in Australia yet (this one I bought from the UK). Last time I checked Priceline they did not have this mascara so let me know if anyone has seen it in stores yet!

My nails are very short at the moment so I thought I'd do some make up reviews for the time being! I first heard about this mascara on Milly's blog, pearls & poodles (such a good blog, check it out here!) and knew I wanted to give it a whirl!

First off, I love the gold blingy packaging! The brush is a fibre brush, I usually like the silicon brushes as they really coat my lashes well but this one worked really good! I only needed 1 coat for my eyelashes to be coated really well, there is no weird smell of the formula and it is a true black colour. 

On the bottle it says "Double-sided volumising brush with product resevoirs. Ultra resistant vinyl formula enriched with light-reflecting micro particles of gold". Well my eyelashes definitely look thicker, longer and slight voluminous, but I do not see any gold micro particles!

Let's take a look at the photos!

Now let me just say..this mascara does not come off easily! I was expecting it to start running when I washed my face, but it acted as if it was water proof. AMAZING! Such long wearing mascara and it does not flake or smudge! Wearing this for a whole day definitely changed my mind on this product as I usually go for a mascara with a silicon wand. Do you own this mascara yet? What is your favourite mascara? I would love to know. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I've got this, I get a little volume and tons of sparkles. Would prefer it to be the other way round xD

  2. Oh really! That's so weird haha