Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Artsy Wednesday - Re-Do Your First Nail Art!

I'm back to AW...yay! It had been a boring 4 months without internet at my new place and finally I am all settled and ready to go so today's AW theme is......Re-Do Your First Nail Art! I had a look through my horrible archive photos and saw my very first nail art which was . . . .this!


A valentines day nail art with little love hearts! I tried to replicate it so here is my new attempt!

Well the only difference was the gold colour I used in my newer photo. The pink is China Glaze - Strawberry Fields and China Glaze - Midnight Kiss for the gold stripe across the nail. I didn't mind it. . I kinda stuffed up the love hearts but hey! Maybe i'll re-do this again in another year and see how much I've improved! What do you think?? :)

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  1. It's so good to have you back Mel :)
    I like the way you placed the hearts better in the new edition :)

  2. ahhhh welcome back Mel! I've missed u!

    love this design... it's very pretty xx

  3. Welcome back! This is a pretty design :)

  4. Hi there, loving it! You've come so far since your first nail art post. I've joined the crazy artsy wednesday crew too :-)