Monday, April 29, 2013

Remington - Colour Protect Hair Straightener

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Hello loves! Today I have the Remington - Colour Protect Hair Therapy Straightener* (RRP $103.95) to show you. This gem is specifically designed for coloured hair and it helps to reduce colour fading by locking in the colour by infusing micro-conditioners. It also has a smart heat sensor that will constantly adjust the temperature of the plates to avoid excess heat when styling. It automatically turns off if you have forgotten about it as well! It comes with a cool little silk pouch to keep it in when not in use. This straightener was very effective at straightening the hair quickly and thoroughly getting every strand. For this review I have used my mum's hair. Her hair type is frizzy with North African descent and is very thick. She dyes her hair brown, particularly focusing at the roots. It was great to see the effects of this product!

My mums hair looked smooth, shiny and healthy too! I definitely love this hair straightener and will definitely be using it regularly on my bleached hair tips! Thanks for reading!


  1. wow..

    nice hair!

    <3 Remington!

  2. Nice! It works really well on the roots!