Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shimmer Polishes!

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Hello lovelies! Today I have 8 Shimmer Polishes* to show you today! I received a package a while ago with a whole bunch of shimmers and just haven't had the chance to swatch them so here they are!! The formula on these glitters were great, some were gluggy but that's to be expected with thick, heavily dense glitters. My favourites from the collection were definitely the dark berry colours. Not only were they almost jelly-like but I loved the berry colour instead of a clear solution with lots of different glitters mixed in it! All photos show 2 coats without a top coat applied. Here we go!!

Eva - a berry base with an amazing mix of black and silver small glitters. This reminds me so much of raspberry jam!! Love this colour a lot!

Leslie - a mix of periwinkle and lavender glitters - this is immensely shiny IRL!!

Lorene - This berry mix is like a crazy party full of orange, silver, blue, green and iridescent goodness! Love this colours a lot!

Mary - This is my absolute favourite from the bunch. A berry base filled with gorgeous blue, black, berry, silver and iridescent glitters. LOVE! 

Natalie - a stunning dusty blue, copper and gold mix. This is so glittery!

Nichole - Hello 4th of July!? I'm not American but this colour seriously shouts out U.S.A to me! I love it nonetheless. blue, silver and red glitters!

Sarah - a blue base filled with turquoise, purple, light green and dark blue glitters. YUM!

Lastly, Jasmine - an aquamarine blue and green mix with copper and silver in the mix. This is truly stunning!

So which colour is your favourite? My favourites are Lorene, Eva and Mary!! Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!


  1. WOW, those are great glitters, very dense! Not sure I could pick a favorite...they are all great! What is the brand?

    1. They are super dense and awesome!

      The brand is called Shimmer Polish :)