Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Opallac - Pastel Polly

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Hello hello! Today I have a gel colour by Opallac to show you called Pastel Polly* and it is literally the gel version of OPI - Mod About You; an absolutely beautiful light baby pink pastel. One of my all time favourite colours in general! I used 2 coats of Pastel Polly and this mani lasted me for about 5 days! If you want to see my previous post on the Opallac product and lamp check it out here!

I have a few other gel coloured polishes to show you so stay tuned! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


  1. What a sweet and gorgeous polish - so girly :)

  2. Ooh! Mod About You is one of my favourite colours! Liking the look of this x x x

  3. I LOVE Mod About You & have been worried about buying the Opallac kit in case I don't have enough colour range. But if it was gel, how come it only lasted you five days?

    1. Hey Talisbury! Have you checked out the Opallac colour range on their website? It's pretty diverse and they have super bright neons! In response to why it only lasted me 5 days; this could be a number of reasons. I think I generally have oily nail plates because when I tested out all the other colours they only lasted on me around 3-5 days as well so because I have oily nail plates it makes it harder for the gel to stick to the nail plate. One tip I do give in my Opallac Kit post is to dehydrate the nail with a nail primer (which I did not do - so I really should do a comparison test). Also I may have applied the gel too thickly.. but I think the main reason is because I do the washing up without gloves on and I wash my hands a fair bit during the day. 5 days isn't too bad for me but there are certainly things I could have done to avoid this - so this is my general results with this. Before you invest in a gel kit you should go to a salon or get a sample done on 1 finger and see how well it lasts before you commit to buying the full kit. Everyone's body reacts differently and things such as diet, lifestyle and even medication can affect the wear time! If any of this doesn't make sense please don't hesitate to email me and I can help you out. mgiandzi@hotmail.com.


    2. Mel! Thank you so much for this incredible reply and helpful advice. Your blog post & comment has really helped me a TON! Thank you, thank you!

    3. Aww yay i'm so glad to help Talisbury! Never hesitate to ask me for anything as I am a qualified nail technician now I can give out advice :D