Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pevonia Skincare Review

Hi everyone! Today I have a few products by Pevonia to show you. Pevonia is an organic skincare brand that offers elite products to prestigious spas worldwide. All products are free from parabens, artificial colours and fragrance and aim to provide effective skincare solutions for all ages and ethnicities. Check out their extensive and thorough website here. Today I will be showing you 3 products from the SpaTeen line, 2 products from the Ligne Nymphea line and 1 from the Ligne Fondamentale.

SpaTeen All Skin Types Kit* (RRP $140) - This trio pack comes in a green mesh bag filled with a cleanser (120ml), lotion toner (120ml) and a moisturiser (50ml). The SpaTeen line was developed for young adults and teens to properly address dry, sensitive and combination skin by unclogging pores and healing and preventing blemishes. It has antibacterial properties to prevent micro-comedone formation. I had been using this 3 step system for about a week and really enjoy the cleanser and the toner but could not continue using the moisturiser as it made my skin burn a little bit. I really like the toner because you can actually rub it in with your fingers as opposed to a cotton pad (not to mention wasteful!) and it starts to foam up a little bit. It makes my skin feel fresh and really clean. The cleanser works really well to remove any traces of make up. The scent is ok. . it smells like calendula flowers (which the extract has been used) but has a more concentrated medical smell to it. 

Ligne Nymphea - Dry Oil Body Moisturiser* (RRP $73 for 200ml) is a really great product. As it is a dry oil it is not greasy and is easily absorbed into the skin. I love this product a lot especially on my legs which get dry after shaving. I use this straight after a shower and it really locks in the moisture. It smells very similar to talcum powder and baby oil. 
Silky Skin Body Scrub* (RRP $75.00 for 200ml) is a gentle scrub to help activate blood circulation and removes any roughness or impurities. I've been mainly focusing this on the bum/outer thigh region and have noticed my skin feeling a lot smoother. Although it won't remove my white stretch marks (dammnit!), I do feel it has improved the look of my cellulite prone areas. It is a white grainy cream that smells of lemon essence. I use this whilst in the shower.

Aromatherapy Face Oil* (RRP $49.25) - I was a bit sceptical about this product because I've had such amazing results with rosehip oil being my "face oil". I was a little let down with this product because it had not really improved the look of my pimple scars (which unfortunately I suffer from). It is a nice oil to indulge your skin with but I was expecting it to help with my discolouration. It smells very strongly of grapefruit and absorbs quickly into the skin. 
Excuse the half empty bottle here - I've been using this for well over 3 weeks now
The price point on these products are really quite high and a bit out of range for many people. I do feel the dry body oil and the toner are worth the money, but for the rest of the products, there are so many competing brands in the market at a lower price point that it's easy to avoid this brand altogether. It is a very indulgent and luxurious brand and would be nice to splurge with when at a spa. Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you like best.. I'd love to know! 

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