Friday, October 11, 2013

Wantable Make- Up Subscription Box

Hey everyone! By now you may have seen a new subscription box coming onto the scene called Wantable and today I will be showing you the box I received! So Wantable is a subscription box based in the USA where you can choose which category you are most interested in from; Makeup, Accessories, Intimates and a seasonal box which is currently Halloween themed. I chose the makeup box because I knew I would try new brands not accessible here in Australia and i'm glad I chose it! Once you have signed up and chosen which category box you would like you can fill out a quiz (highly recommended) so you will get items you'll really use. 

There is a subcategory for each piece of make up and you have to chose if you love, like or hate certain products. If you love a product you are guaranteed it in your box, if you hate something you will NOT get it in your box; if you like something your chances of getting that item is 50% so if you really don't like something put it to hate. I made sure I only chose love or hate for my items and I got incredible items that i'm super excited to share with you! This subscription box is quite expensive (at $40 for an individual box, or $36 for a monthly subscription - this doesn't include shipping unfortunately; which so happens to be $9USD to Australia). Besides the hefty price tag I was really impressed with this box and would love to try the intimates box next time! Here's a look at my products chosen for me!

Manna Kadar Lipstick in 01 Russian* - This Russian red lipstick is so so good. It is a really close colour to my MAC - Ruby Woo but the formula on this brand is soo much better and creamier and the best part it is semi matte! My favourite kind of finish. It is super opaque and so creamy. This is 1 coat on my lips. I've never heard of this brand but I really like this lipstick and would love to try more!


Laqa & Co Nail Polish in Chubs* - I've been wanting to try this brand ever since I first saw it on ASOS and loved the way it looked like a pen. Now that i've tried it, i'm not that impressed. The long brush makes it hard to control and the formula was very watery. This gold colour is pretty in the bottle but didn't translate well onto my nails. This is 2 coats.


Beauty For Real Miracle Mascara in Very Black* - This mascara is really cool. I love the whole concept of this nifty little gadget. It is a mascara that has a little magnifying mirror on the side of the tube and a light in the cap for making any touch ups ..genius! But, unfortunately the formula on the actual mascara itself did not wow me or make my lashes look that great, in fact it made them look clumpy. Aside from the formula, I love the tube and wish I could put my favourite mascara in there! This was 1 coat.


Cailyn Gelux Eyebrow in Espresso* - Another brand i've never heard of but i'm so glad I got the chance to try! This gel eyebrow filler is really good at naturally filling in your brows. I usually stick to black or dark brown when buying eyebrow products so it's good to know that I can confidently use this colour to fill in my brows just fine! I love using an angled brush to fill my brows in, it's good for getting an overall cover through the hairs. The packaging on this product is great and compact. It all stores away with the brush hiding in the lid. I love love loveeee this product and have been using it daily since!


Cailyn idefine Liquid Liner in Blackest Black* - I've reviewed heaps of marker-like gel liners these past couple of weeks and i'm really just finding that they all work the same. This Cailyn liquid liner is super pigmented and glides on easily and the more I use it, the better i'm getting at nailing the perfect wing. . i'm pretty close I think! This product works well overall but now I have too many in my collection. 

My favourite products from this box were definitely the lipstick and the eyebrow gel products. They are really good and I'm so happy I got to try products that aren't available here. P.s I did not trial the little sample of the instant skin tightening serum - I don't use those types of products so I gave it away. Let me know if you are thinking of trying Wantable and what your favourite products in the box are! See you soon.

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