Friday, February 20, 2015

Kester Black - Water Based Nail Polish Remover

Hi guys! Hope you had a great week! Today I will be reviewing the brand new Kester Black - Water Based Nail Polish Remover (RRP $20.00 for 125ml, available online here). It is a white peach scented Water Based Nail Polish Remover containing aloe vera and vitamin e, to soften the skin and strengthen the nails while removing colour. It is both acetone and acetate free, and is also non-flammable and has a lengthened evaporation period. I must say. I'm in love. It has a really subtle smell and leaves my nails moisturised, soft and healthy looking. I was a bit taken a back by this product because I was so used to using straight acetone with glycerin mixed in to remove my nail polish and this combination gives me almost instant removal. With this remover, it does take a noticeable longer time to remove - but this is expected with the product containing no acetone or acetate.

I really have nothing negative to say about this product - I think I am just impatient after using acetone for so long. This polish remover would be PERFECT when swatching and removing colours that stain nails. For me personally, I will not be using this remover on my clients as it takes too long and I need to minimize time where I can for my service. Kester Black is only strengthening my love for the brand! Here are a few pictures!

Mmm oily cuticles..

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  1. I'm really curious about how this works! Sounds very cool :)