Wednesday, April 1, 2015

COAST to COAST Skincare Review

Hi everyone! I hope you are looking forward to Easter this long weekend - woohoo! Today I have a new Australian skincare label to share with you called Coast to Coast and is dedicated to creating honest products. The creators have an appreciation for native Australian botanicals which formed the basis of these products, with each range divided into 3 landscape collections: Coastal, Rainforest & Outback. They are all formulated with a complex blend of native botanicals, herbal extracts and essential oils. Each unique skincare system draws ingredients from their respective geographical location to target specific skincare concerns. Today I will be sharing a few products from the Outback range, which targets people with dehydrated, dull and uneven skin, who want illuminated, glowing skin. The brand has a lot of products in their collections so let's take a look at the products I received. Coast to Coast is available from David Jones, Sephora Sydney, The Emporium Melbourne and online at

Skin Illuminating Foaming Cleanser (RRP $19.95 for 100ml) - This foaming cleanser contains Quandong and Desert Lime to replenish, cleanse and gently remove makeup & pollution without over-drying your skin. The Vitamin C and fruit extracts of Quandong, Desert Lime and Kakadu Plum boost clarity and radiance to dull and dreary skin, while salicylic acid dives deep to decongest the skin and clear trapped oils. I thoroughly enjoyed used this cleanser. It is light, leaves my skin feeling incredibly smooth and soft. It has a very citrus-y smell but does not bother me at all. This has helped my skin look less congested in only a week and a half of use!

Skin Whitening Aqua Essence (RRP $39.95 for 30ml) - This whitening facial essence contains anti-oxidant rich Kakadu Plum, Desert Quandong and Desert Lime to restore clarity and brightens dull, uneven skin, while Vitamin E and Sodium Hyaluronate boosts the skin's hydration levels for a smoother, more supple appearance. I apply this serum underneath my moisturiser and straight after cleansing to give my skin an extra boost of hydration. I've noticed it has helped slightly with my skin's hydration and has definitely helped with healing my uneven skin tone quickly.

Lightweight Whitening Lotion (RRP $29.95 for 50ml) - This lightweight, protective moisturiser with skin-illuminating Kakadu Plum, Quandong and Vitamin C helps to restore clarity and brightness to dull, uneven skin. It contains sunscreen (although it doesn't say what SPF level), and Organic Aloe to help combat surface dehydration (which I experience) for a healthy burst of radiance. I really like this moisturiser. It is the first moisturiser I've used where I found it gives me enough hydration that I don't need to apply Rosehip Oil afterwards. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any stickiness on the skin. It complements the essence mentioned above perfectly.

Replenishing Shampoo (RRP $9.95/$22.95 for 50ml/250ml) - This ultra-moisturising shampoo has been specifically formulated for dry and damaged hair types. Enriched with anti-oxidant rich Kakadu Plum & Desert Lime, together with Honey, Chamomile and Organic Olive Oil to deeply condition hair and scalp, restoring suppleness and shine. Repairs and protects colour treated hair. Lately I have been noticing my hair looking shinier and feeling softer, but I hate the way this shampoo leaves my hair feeling once rinsed out. It feels really dry and tangled which I dislike.

Replenishing Conditioner (RRP $9.95/$24.95 for 50ml/250ml) -  This conditioner helps to deeply condition and rebuild hair's strength and elasticity for a thicker and fuller appearance. This shampoo contains Kakadu Plum, Chamomile and Organic Avocado Oil to nourish the hair cuticle for a silky smooth appearance. This conditioner doesn't do much to relieve my hair from how it feels after the shampoo has been applied. It just doesn't feel nourishing enough on my hair type.

Nourishing Body Balm (RRP $9.95/$24.95 for 50ml/259ml) - Restore softness and balance to your skin with anti-oxidant rich Desert Lime, Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey and cooling Aloe Vera. This vitamin rich and plant oil based body balm will soothe, tone and improve the skin's elasticity, making it ideal for very dry skin in need of intense nourishment. I find the scent on this product slightly sour compared to the rest of the range but not unbearable to use. It is a lightweight body balm that made my skin look very moisturised but for me, it just does not absorb quick enough. I hate the feeling of my legs being sticky to the touch or my clothes getting stuck on my skin from the product. Other than that it's a beautiful product.

What do yo think of these products? Will you be trying out any Coast to Coast products? I'd love to know if you have already and what you think of this new Australian brand? Thanks so much for reading and see you next time!

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