Tuesday, May 12, 2015

OPI - 2015 Soft Shades Collection

Hi everyone! Today I have the new OPI 2015 Softshades Collection to share with you. This collection consists of 6 colours; 2 sheer cremes/jellys, 1 shimmer, 1 metallic and 2 glitters. They are all beautifully soft and feminine shades, which makes this a perfect wedding collection in my eyes! All swatches shown are 2 coats with no topcoat and all applied relatively well. I had a few issues with some of the brushes (perhaps a faulty batch) and some nails looked a bit streaky in result. Other than that issue I have been loving wearing nude shades in autumn/winter as I feel it just refreshes your look. Let's jump right into the colours!

Chiffon My Mind - A beautiful milky white with a hint of blue shimmers. (Note the ring finger looking streaky due to the brush).

Make Light Of The Situation - A sheer glitter with duo-chromatic glitter and blue shimmer.

Petal Soft - A sheer mix of super small white glitters, small pink glitters and large flower glitters. This polish did not requite any fishing for the flower glitters which was amazing! I do really like this glitter as it's very unique but I find it almost too young for me.

 Act Your Beige - A super sheer light beige jelly creme.

Put It In Neutral - A darker beige/pink jelly. This colour clashed with my skintone and made my nails look like they were a bit sore and red.

This Silver's Mine - A pearlescent green based metallic silver. This leaves visible line strokes on your nails.

All these colours are really pretty and complement each other really well. They aren't colours I usually gravitate to when choosing what colour to wear next, but they are timeless classics. Thanks for reading.


  1. I really like the glittery polish :-)

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