Friday, May 10, 2013

Scunci Hair Accessories + Hair Tutorials!

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Hey guys! Today I have 2 Scunci hair tools to show you for achieving some really cool hairstyles! The first one is Hi-Styles Volume & Lift*, which is a hair volume builder, perfect for that awesome beehive (not that i'm a huge fan of that hair style but the soft, half up 60s style version I am) Here's a nice example that comes to mind!

Vintage glamour: Zooey made her outfit more sexy with a Brigitte Bardot-inspired half up, half down hairdo complete with a mini beehive
Source: Fashion Bookmark
Here's a quick overview of the product itself and the exact instructions as on the box.
 Here's my tutorial on how to achieve a subtle, yet voluminous looking head of hair.

I'm not going to lie...I struggled with this tool...big time. It took me numerous attempts and tantrums to get it and finally after some much needed time out I got it! I just found that it wouldn't stay in my hair well enough, so make sure you really tease your hair, as it helped it stay in place a lot! Would I use this again? No, probably not, as teasing my hair would have done just the same thing.. but if I wanted a more beehive/60s pin up girl look then yes, definitely I would use it! Also, the direction that the tool goes should be obvious, but the arch is align with the arch of the head.

Next up we have the Scunci Perfect Pony Volume & Lift* tool. This tool will help achieve a thicker, more voluminous ponytail as opposed to a thin, droopy one!
And here's the tutorial to achieve the look!

This tool was so much simpler and easier to use and I really liked the result! Although it felt funny in my hair, it really gave a nice, thick pony tail to my look and I would definitely use this again for a sophisticated night out. P.s it's really obvious what direction the tool is used but just incase, it goes with the pony tail direction (so the long chamber sticking out the same way a pony tail does)! So guys what do you think of these? Would you ever use them? Let me know! Thanks for reading! 

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