Monday, May 13, 2013

Notox Box Australia Review

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Hi guys!! Today I have a very exciting new Australian subscription box program called Notox Box* to show you! If you aren't aware I don't only love nails and beauty, but I also love staying active and eating very healthy and have wanted to jump into eating more organic products for a while now but just haven't had enough money (newly moved out of home!!). Also, I have a strong passion for all things environmentally friendly and am also studying to become an environmental scientist so this 'green' box is the perfect fit for me! This new Australian box will definitely be on my subscription list and here's why!

Discover Natural, Organic and Eco products with Notox Box!

Notox Box is Australia’s first subscription service designed to help find your favourite happy and healthy products. Offering a diverse range of health, lifestyle, beauty and kids samples, Notox Box features a new selection every month.
Notox Box is passionate about helping people live a healthy, ‘green', more conscious life and seeks to bring safer alternatives to conventional products. Founder, Sharon Chung, aimed to create a service inspiring Australians to care for themselves, each other and the planet.

These boxes are available in monthly ($25), 3 month ($70) and 6 month ($150) subscriptions and they all have free shipping! This months box contained 7 products, 4 of which were full size!

Tiaki Day Cream (trial size)
Tiaki is a 100% natural and chemical free skincare range. With almond, avocado and roeship oil plus botanical extracts from NZ, it is a great intense moisturiser. The tubes are also biodegradable (WHICH I LOVE!). I loved this product. I used it on my hands and feet and it made them feel so soft! Smells really fresh and just like botanical extracts.

Wotnot Facial Wipes (full size)
Enriched with all natural ingredients. ACO aloe vera, sweet almond oil and rosehip oil for skin regenerating and moisture re-balancing. This stuff smells funky! I had to hold my breath while using it on my skin because it smelled so bad. It did a good job at removing my make up and my skin didn't feel tight afterwards but the smell totally ruined it for me! It smells very bizarre, not going to lie!

Power Superfood Goldenberries (sample size)
Excellent source of vitamin C, carotene and bioflavonoids, fibre, cleansing pectin and protein. There were 3 little dried up goldenberries and they tasted delicious. A bit like figs crossed with raisins. Yum!

Happy Feet Detox Patched (full size)
I was pleased when I saw this in the box! I'd heard so many things about this type of medicine practice. Eastern medicine suggests that toxins accumulate in our feet - that they are a mirror of our internal health. Foot patches are full of herbs and minerals, and are a simple, natural way to detox the body as they absorb the toxins through our feet. This was cool! You have to wear them during the night as you sleep. They have a sticky patch side that you just slap onto the bottom of your feet and sleep all night long! I did notice that the patches smelt like smoked mmm. The packaging also says you should drink water while these are on your feet. I did wake up with a little headache this morning but I can't entirely say whether the two are correlated. When I took them off the patches were black! I'm intruiged to know how many times you have to use these patches before they start coming out clean with no more toxins? Really cool product though and would definitely try them again!

Buckwheat Kernels (full size)
I haven't used these little gems yet but i'm excited too! I haven't been able to find many recipes on what to use these with but I'm planning on grounding them up into a fine powder to use as a pancake batter. 

Stolen Recipe Iced Tea (full size)
Made with real brewed loose leaf tea and fruit juice. No tea extract or sugar. 100% natural. The flavour I received was Lemon + Lime peppermint tea & more. It has a nice orange-y taste to it and you can tell they have used real tea in the drink.

Crunchies Freeze Dried Fruit (trial size)
Crunchies' patented freeze-drying process means that the only thing taken out of the fruit is water. No additives, no preservatives, no added sugar and no oil. Wheat free, gluten free and GMO-free, but rich in fibre and nutrients. These are soo delicious!! I received the very berry mix which has strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries and they taste so good. Just becareful when you eat them that you don't inhale too much because they are slightly powdery and I ended up coughing a fair bit! I would definitely buy these again!

All in all I am extremely happy with this box. It is such a good way to test new products on the market and to see what the latest innovation in health food is. I will definitely be subscribing to this box! What do you think of this box? Thanks for reading and have a good day!


  1. WOW! this looks amazing, I think I might have to sign up to this.Thanks for sharing :)

    1. No worries!! I can't wait for next month's box. :)