Monday, May 20, 2013

Glam by Manicare - Express 3 in 1 Nail Art Pen

Hello hello everyone! I hope you entered my giveaway! There's only 1 hour to go so here's the link to enter! 

Today I am showing you the Express 3 in 1 Nail Art Pen by Glam by Manicare in 3 colours. Unfortunately I can't find a name for the colours but I will be showing you a bright neon pink colour with light pink diamontes*, a caramel-gold metallic polish with yellow diamontes* and a dark blue/emerald (duochrome effect) with black diamontes*. Each individual pen also comes with stencils and a orange wood stick.

These are really cool and are so easy to use. There are 3 ways to use them. Twist off the diamonte barrel to access them, twist off the top 3rd of the pen to access the polish brush or pull off the lid at the very top to access the fine tip pen. The polish is really good quality and applies very easy with no problems. The diamontes are very easy to use and stick on the nail well. I especially like the black diamontes, they look so edgy and fierce! The fine tip pen is so sharp that if your polish isn't completely dry it will just rip it to shreds so make sure you use a fast dry top coat! I really liked using the fine tip pen though as it was so easy to make dots and it works extremely well at a water marble design! Here's a few looks I created with all 3 pens.

I really liked wearing these colours and love that I now have a way of rocking some awesome nail art on my tips! If you would like a tutorial for any of these please let me know but they are all super easy, especially using the nail art pens! Thanks everyone and have a great day!