Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Artsy Wednesday - A Colour I Usually Hate

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Hello gentle readers!! Today's AW theme is a colour I usually hate. . . this one was hard because I don't really hate colours, except maybe baby poo green (lol) so I think I found a colour in my collection that is sort of like it called Def Defying my China Glaze*, but this is a nice colour! I don't have any colours I don't like in my collection (which is a good thing really) so sorry this is a poor attempt at AW. This is 2 coats of Def Defying followed by 1 coat of Wicked Fast.

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  1. Not fair, this is gorgeous! I'm actually liking baby poo green at the moment too :P

  2. LOL baby poo green ;) - well I have a hate/love relation ship with these yellow toned greens too, and yet i seem to buy them - regretting it when i come to my senses LOL
    But I do like this one on you :)