Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lanolips - Rose Balm Intense For Dry Hands & Nails

Hi guys today I have a Lanolips product to show you! If you haven't tried or heard of Lanolips here's a run down about the story behind the products.

The lanolin used in Lanolips™ is Ultra Pure Medical Grade Lanolin. To achieve this the lanolin goes through a stringent refining and cleaning process; cleansing the raw lanolin of all external impurities, scent and colour, making it the purest, most natural form of lanolin available.
Numerous beauty products use lanolin. However none of these products can say the following: they are 100% natural, they are 100% pure or they contain nothing other than 100% Ultra Pure Medical Grade Lanolin. Lanolips™ can.
The benefits of the Ultra Medical Grade lanolin:
• There are no chemicals
• No additives
• It’s hypoallergenic
• It’s colour free
• Odour free
• It’s so safe it can be used on the mouths of new-born babies
• It is used in hospitals after surgeries to help open wounds heal
• It is 100% pure, cream of the crop, concentrated and refined lanolin

Also, it is extracted from the fleece of an unharmed sheep sharn so no sheep are hurt in the process, which is a huge sigh of relief!

I've never actually shared my profound love for Lanolips and today I will. I have been using Lanolips 101 Ointment for many years now and it is the only ointment that truly keeps my dry lips, cuticles or elbows moisturised, for over 8 hours at a time. But today I am sharing with you the Lanolips Rose Balm Intense* (RRP $15.95 for 50ml) which has lanolin, shea butter, cocoa seed butter, wheat germ oil, rose oil and natural antioxidants in it. It is a very thick balm and feels like it would not be absorbed very quickly by the skin but infact this is the fastest absorbing, thickest and nourishing hand cream/balm i've ever used and how appropriate that I'm using it, just in time for the cold, dry winter months ahead! This is definitely a new MUST-BUY on my list and I don't think I can see myself without it ever again. I have used it every night before bed for the past week and it has made my hands and cuticles super soft. If you have very dry skin then this is for you!

30 seconds after rubbing it in.
Will this balm be a part of your new winter nail care regime? It is definitely in mine! Let me know your holy grail hand cream for dry, cold winter months!
Thanks for reading.

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  1. Ooooh I am very tempted by this review! I have all of the Lanolips lip glosses and adore them. I'm just a wee bit hesitant to spend $16 on a hand cream and then have to buy another one with SPF for daytime. Anyway, thanks for a wonderfully thorough review!