Monday, April 7, 2014

Blinc Cosmetics

Hi guys! Today I have a fun and exciting brand to show you called Blinc Cosmetics. I have been trying out 3 products from this brand; the Tube Mascara (RRP $35.95), the Eyebrow Mousse (RRP $35.95) and the Ultrathin Liquid Eyeliner Pen (RRP $35.95). Blinc cosmetics are available to purchase online at as well as selected spas and salons nationally. Here's a look at the products.

Eyebrow Mousse: I received this product in the shade black. It is a brow mousse that holds and sculpts like a gel, tints hair and fills in sparse areas with water-resistant colour. Once applied it does not fade, run or smudge - which I noticed after I got it on my skin and couldn't get it off! This mousse is really great at making you look done up with minimal effort. The only issue I encountered with this product was the wand. As it is identical to a mascara wand (almost as big too) it was difficult not to over apply product onto my brows. I found it really hard applying this product at the very begining of my brows because the tip of the wand was loaded with the product and it literally just painted my brow/skin (as you can see in photo 2 below). Other than a quick fix up with some make up remover, my brows stayed put ALL day!
Natural Eyebrow - No product applied.
Eyebrow Mousse Applied - Product Overload
Once I had finished cleaning up my Eyebrow area, with Eyebrow Mousse
Tube Mascara: This mascara is awesome. I received this product in the shade black. It didn't give me noticeably thick, dark lashes, but actually a subtle, soft look which I adore for everyday wear. It feels just like a regular mascara does and is light weight, the only difference is the removal method. Holy moly I didn't expect it! I thoroughly rinsed my lashes with water and used pressure on my eyelashes with my fingers to gently slide the tubes off. It is a really bizarre feeling and sight seeing these little black tubes on your fingers afterwards. It was actually quite rewarding trying to pull all the tubes off, and then trying to pull any leftovers, only to realise there are no "left overs" with this product. It doesn't linger on the lashes like regular mascara, it comes off in 1 entire gentle pull and it's so COOL!
Natural lashes - No Mascara
With Mascara
Ultrathin Liquid Eyeliner Pen: A very fine tip eyeliner pen in the shade black. As it is so fine it allows you to draw a very thin and precise wing to your eyelids. It did not fade, smudge or run even when I rubbed my eyes (accidentally forgetting I had make up on) and removes super easy too. I'm still trying to perfect my wing and with thin eyeliner pens on the market it is making it much easier to nail, thats for sure!


Here's a front photo of me with all these eye products on. It lasted all night long for my boyfriend's birthday dinner and didn't smudge or flake at all!
Make up shown: Blinc: Eyebrow Mousse, Tube Mascara, Ultrathin Eyeliner Pen, Essence: Lipliner in 10 Femme Fatale
Which product do you like the look of next? I highly recommend the tube mascara! Thanks for reading.

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