Friday, June 5, 2015

My Skincare Routine

Hi lovelies! Today I have a skincare routine post to share with you. Since the colder months my skincare has been amped up and my skin is looking pretty good these days (minus the occasional hormonal blemish here and there). My skincare is pretty basic. I don't go too crazy with different products and methods to apply them but my general routine is as follows.

Every morning, in the shower I will use the Goodness Every Week Face Scrub (RRP $12.95) (which I find gentle enough for daily use). It's a really nice chia seed oil based scrub that gently exfoliates dead skin cells. Once I'm out of the shower I will put on a small amount of the Goodness Chia Seed Oil Every Morning Moisturiser (RRP $16.95), particularly around my chin area (which is my driest area on my face) and then once that has fully dried, I will use 2-3 drops of the Goodness Chia Seed Facial Oil (RRP $19.95) all over my face for extra hydration. This combination of the moisturiser (which is the first moisturiser I've used where I could definitely get away with just using it alone and feel hydrated, plus it smells like watermelon) and the Chia Seed Oil (instant hydration and glowy skin = win!) has dramatically reduced my chin redness and greatly helped the overall look in my skin's texture and appearance. Goodness is available from Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and selected Woolworths.

In the evening I use the Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Facial Cleansing Oil (RRP $19.95, online here), especially if I've worn makeup that day for super soft, clean skin. Once I have rinsed it off and pat my face dry, I repeat my morning routine of the facial moisturiser and facial oil combination. Once or twice a week, after I have cleansed my face, I will apply a face mask. I've been absolutely loving these two face masks together as I can put the Deep Pore Clearing Mud Mask by Red Earth (RRP $35.00, online here) all over my face, and I will use the Melt-Away Mask by Thalgo for Dry/Very Dry Skin (RRP $61.00, online here) just on my chin and around my nose and it perfectly cleans and hydrates parts of my face that need it most. They both effectively deep clean and hydrate perfectly and do exactly what good specifically targeted face masks should do! My skin is giving me a great big kiss!

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