Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ikat Nail Art

Hi all! Today I saw a great video by the lovely MissJenFabulous on IKAT Nails, which is originally a dying technique used to pattern textiles. To see the full tutorial on how-to do IKAT nails, check out Jen's websit linked above!
pp jw0104 590px1 Animal Ikat
Source: Pattern People
The colour I used as a base was Orly's - Beach Cruiser, followed by a standard White Striping Pen, followed by Revlon - Metallic, followed by a standard Black Striping Pen. All topped off with 1 coat of Cult Nails - Wicked Fast. It wasn't too bad for a first go, I managed to get better on my second hand. I need to work on my black feathered stripes to accentuate the IKAT print more.

What do you think of the colours used? I hope you like this cool and easy nail art!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I ADORE this! im gonna have to try it some time! xxx

  2. It's gorgeous, very well painted Mel!

  3. Ikat is one of my favourite patterns and it looks amazing on your nails!!

  4. It's an awesome pattern hey! Thank you :-)