Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jordana Glitter Collection Swatches

Hey everyone! You may have seen in an earlier post I showed my Jordana Glitter Haul from (view it here). In that post I showed you Jordana - Carnival and Jordana - Sequins. I will be showing you the rest of the haul I bought in this post. Each photo being shown is just a look at each glitter on their own with 1 coat applied (unless otherwise stated). These would most probably look more interesting made into jelly sandwiches or with more layers used, but they are seriously amazing and I think everyone needs some in their collection! (and they are super cheap too!).

Celestial - a stunning aqua/green/turqouise glitter packed with heaps of microglitter and circle glitters suspended in a clear base.

This is 2 coats
Magenta Magic - The exact same solution/suspension and glitter shapes & sizes as Celestial but with magenta glitter in a clear base.

Cosmic - blue micro glitter packed full of blue, green and silver hex glitters in a clear suspension.

Galaxy - gun metal silver microglitter with large hexagonal gun metal silver glitters suspended in a clear base.

My Superstar - gold microglitter with red, blue and gold hex glitter suspended in a clear base

LA City Nights - purple and blue microglitters packed densely with a clear base

Gemstones - microglitter in red, blue, pink, green and silver with large hexagonal glitters in the same colours, in a clear base.

Bronze Fest - burnt bronze and gold microglitter with larger hex glitters in bronze and gold in a clear solution.

Copper Blaze - copper microglitter with larger hex glitters suspended in a sheer copper base.

Outer Space - light blue microglitter with gold and magenta hex glitter suspended in a clear base.

Blue Bash - Blue microglitter with blue hex glitters packed densely in a clear suspension.

Sorry some of those photos aren't very good, but I hope you get a good idea of what they all look like! Thanks for reading and I hope you found these useful!


  1. these are beautiful... need my superstar!

  2. Wow,for one coat Celestial is my favorite.I also really love the color of Galaxy.They would all make great sammiches!