Monday, September 23, 2013

Mariah Carey Holiday Collection by OPI

Hi guys!! Today I have 11 colours from the new Mariah Carey Holiday Collection by OPI to show you! This collection consists of 18 shades in total. 7 cremes, 1 sheer/duochrome, 4 glitters and 6 liquid sands! This collection definitely stands out for me with all the glitters and liquid sands! Here's a promo pic of all the colours!

All I Want For Christmas (is OPI), All sparkly and Gold, Cute Little Vixen, In My Santa Suit, I Snow You Love Me, My Favorite Ornament, Ski Slope Sweetie, Sleigh Ride for Two, Underneath the Mistletoe, Visions of Love, Make Him Mine (LS), Silent Stars Go By (LS)

Warm Me Up, Wonderous Star, It’s Frosty Outside (LS), Baby Please Come Home (LS), Emotions(LS), Kiss Me At Midnight (LS).
Today I will be showing you 11 colours so let's get started!

All I want For Christmas (Is OPI)* - A classic deep fire engine red creme. Perfect formula only needing 1 coat!

Snow You Love Me* - A stunning clear formula with large circular holographic glitters - they shine like crazy and sit flat on the nail (win!) This was super easy to apply and you don't have to dish out glitters. This is one of my all time favourite glitters now! It is so effective and striking! This is 1 coat over All I Want For Christmas (Is OPI).


Ski Slope Sweetie* - A really unique sheer looking sparkly duochrome topper. In the bottle the colour behind the pearlescent white shifts between yellow and blue. This is a really cool colour but the formula was a bit thick and sticky. Also it is opaque enough on its own. This is 2 coats.

Ski Slope Sweetie* over All I Want For Christmas (Is OPI)* - I tried layering 1 coat of Ski Slope Sweetie over the red to see if would have any effect on it. It does give an interesting look but I feel that Ski Slope Sweetie is too thick and opaque to layer. It completely covers the base colour. It might look different over black though. 

My Favorite Ornament* - A super dense gold glitter with light reflecting gold pigments that give you that "lit from within" look. I love it and have been looking for a colour like this for so long. It reminds me of China Glaze - I'm Not Lion sort of and i've wanted that colour for ages. This is 2 coats and applied very easily.

All Sparkly And Gold* - A super stunning dark gold and light gold glitter. This one is amazing. I've also been looking for a glitter like this for so long and this ticks all the right boxes for me! Stunning! The formula is perfect and applied effortlessly in 2 coats.

Baby Please Come Home* (LS) - A mauve/dusty rose liquid sand. It contains bigger glitters that sparkle like crazy. This is really pretty and applied easily in 2 coats.

It's Frosty Outside* (LS) - A super gorgeous and bright silver liquid sand. This is sooo pretty and I love the way it looks! This was 2 coats and formula was brilliant. This one also dried much quicker than the Bond Girls liquid sands I had previously tried.

Kiss Me At Midnight* - A vibrant dusty blue liquid sand with silver glitter. This applied very easily in 2 coats. It's a really pretty liquid sand and is very sparkly!

Make Him Mine* (LS) - A rose coloured tan glitter with silver glitters. This applied perfectly in 1 coat.

Silent Stars Go By* (LS) - A slightly lighter tan colour with silver glitters. This one is very similar to Make Him Mine but it is a tad lighter. This was 2 coats.

Emotions* (LS) - This is the first "creme" liquid sand i've tried and i'm not for it sorry to say! This one to me just looked like I had watered down some dirt and carefully placed it meticulously on my nails lol. The pinky and ringer finger show 2 coats and the middle and pointer finger show 1 coat. Not impressed with this but that's okay because there are so many gorgeous liquid sands to pick from nowadays. 

So what do you think of these colours from the new collection? I'm absolutely in awe and love them all (minus Emotions) and I can't wait to wear them like crazy over Christmas time! Woo hoo! If I had to pick my 2 most favourite colours I would pick Snow You Love Me and All Sparkly And Gold! Let me know which one you like the most! Thanks for reading.


  1. I'm quite excited for this collection! Snow You Love Me looks really interesting.

    1. Me too! It is sooo gorgeous! Really cool glitter and they sit flat on the nail which is awesome!

  2. Great swatches! This collection looks amazing :)