Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sanctuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub

My love for Sanctuary Spa is only getting stronger and stronger the more products I try. The next product I've tried from them is the Hot Sugar Scrub* from the Daily Spa Escape Body Range. It is a thick clay-like scrub with a unique blend of organic sugar, thermal zeolite and detoxifying Kaolin Clay (bingo!). It is a self heating scrub that works to gently warm, invigorate and purify the skin deep down. . .not to mention exfoliates dead skin cells seriously well! It retails for $19.99 and can be found at Priceline pharmacies. I really love this scrub and it is perfect coming into the warmer seasons when I start waxing more often (yes I get lazy in winter, don't judge me!) and need to refresh my skin. The smell of this product is pleasant, it has a subtle zesty lemon smell to it along with a clay smell. The pot is really big and should last a few months as you only need a 50 cent sized amount!

Mmmm sugar

Now i'm off to go explore their other products! See you next time!

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