Friday, July 18, 2014

Colour Theory - Beauty Theory Line

Hey guys! Today I have a few items by Colour Theory to show you from their new Beauty Theory Line! Today i'm focusing, in particular, on the hand and nail care essentials and there are some great items available! I love Colour Theory because they are super inexpensive and have great products! To try any of these products go to your nearest Amcal, Amcal Max and Guardian Pharmacies nationally. Today I will be showing you 3 items; the Nail Polish Remover Pot (RRP $10), Crystal Nail File (RRP $12) and the Strengthener Polish (RRP $8)

The Nail Polish Remover Pot is filled with a sponge, soaked in acetone-free nail polish remover and works really well. It says on the pot to place finger in core of the foam and soak for 10 seconds. Brush nail against foam to exfoliate and remove polish. This little pot is seriously effective and works so well on regular nail polish. This doesn't remove glitter as well as regular polish though but for the price, this pot will last me ages! I'm also planning on resoaking the foam with remover once I notice it start to dry out or not remove polish as well. Love it!
The Nail Strengthener Polish is a standard base coat that helps to strengthen and protect your natural nails. I've been using this as a base coat underneath my manicures and it lasts pretty well - about 3 days with minimal chipping (but I usually change my manicures by day 2). I don't think it has strengthened my nails that much but my job is quite hand heavy (I use my fingers and nails a lot for so many things) but definitely less peeling!

The Crystal Nail File is the product I had the least luck with. At first it worked really well and filed my nails effortlessly and clean, but now, after using it for a few weeks I noticed the layer that files your nail has completely worn off and it just doesn't file my nails at all. Boo!

What products from the new Beauty Theory range will you try? Let me know!

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