Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Pt. 1 - The Sheens

Hey guys! Today I have a bit of a random swatch spam to show you. I'll be breaking these posts into 3 posts because there are so many Sally Hansen Triple Shine polishes I have swatched that i'll show you! Today I will be showing the sheens. There are 6 in total and they are quite sheer on their own so can either be built up alone, or shown over a black/dark base colour. I'll be showing them over a black base. I used 1 coat of Black Onyx by OPI followed by 1 coat of Sally Hansen Triple Shine polishes. I did notice that these sheens were a bit tricky to apply and left brush stroke lines on the nail but nonetheless the final result still looks cool. Here's a look!

Blow Bubbles - In the bottle this is a medium magenta-pink that when on the nails translates to a beautiful purple/pink.
Clam Up - In the bottle is a very light pearlescent pink with red sparkly undertones. The end result is very similar to Blow Bubbles but more of a muted look.

Drama Sheen - In the bottle is a very light pastel lilac with a dark purple shimmer - it translates onto the nail as a deep bright purple.

Flame On - Although this polish was opaque enough on its own, I still decided to try it over black because it did have a slight sheen texture to it. I'm glad I did it over black because it made it pop beautifully. It is a cherry red with red/purple shimmers in it. 

Make Waves - In the bottle this polish is more of a aqua colour with green undertones. On the nail it becomes a super vibrant emerald green colour with yellow undertones. So pretty!

Pool Party - This is a very sheer light baby blue with a medium blue shimmer undertone. On the nail it becomes a gorgeous sky blue - it is so pretty!

So which colour over black is your favourite? I'm torn between pool party and make waves! Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead!

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