Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Artsy Wednesday - Easter Themed Nails!

First of all...I cut my nails short because my index fingers kept breaking so I guess that was a hint to cut them!

Secondly. . this design was a last minute thing as I was so busy and almost forgot about it!! :-O

So I decided to base this manicure on two foods I think of when I know it's close to Easter. . .my favourite. . SPECKLED EGGS!! and Hot Cross Buns!

All colours were OPI and as follows:


Suzi Loves Cowboys - Base
Over The Taupe - Cross

Index Finger to Pinkie:

Mod About You
What's With The Cattitude
Fiercely Fiona
Rumple's Wiggin'

All with Suzi Loves Cowboy specks!

Do you like it? It's nothing special and I had lack of motivation.. sorry guys :-(

It was nice and colourful and made me happy but I was too tired to admire it any longer!

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Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave your opinions :-) Love Mel!


  1. This is cute, looks like the chocolate started melting in the specks, yummi :)

  2. Choc Hot Cross Buns....nomnomnom!!!!

  3. love the use of brown... love brown polish! xx

  4. Tasty! I like the colors you used!

  5. I like this length. Cute candy mani

  6. Cute, they do look just like speckled eggs!! :oD

  7. I like them! My index and middle fingers are always breaking. We had hot cross buns at work yesterday. :)

  8. I love speckled eggs! Such a cute and yummy design! :)