Thursday, May 24, 2012

Orly - Beach Cruiser (Neon Collection 2012)

Hey everybody! Yesterday I received a lovely box from with my order of some of the new Orly Neons! I was sooo excited I squealed when I opened the box! Yippeee! From the collection I only decided to get the neon orange, pink and yellow because I already have a very close to neon blue in my collection. Anyways! Today's post I have for you the lovely Beach cruiser, a full on neon barbie PINK that I couldn't stop staring at during my run this morning! (People must have thought I was a bit insane LOL). I've recently started using a ridge filler by Cutex which is a milky beige colour but doesn't affect the colour being applied over the top, and I like it! So I applied 1 thin coat of ridge filler, 3 thin coats of beach cruiser and 1 coat of Orly's Sec-n-dry top coat. All in all I absolutely LOVE this colour, so easy to apply, although it was a little patchy at times, and my camera didn't really photograph it well so I had to decrease the lighting to -2 to really get it to show it's truest colour!

The photos aren't the best, so apologies! but here you go :)

I'll try and keep posting regularly, but I have this take home exam for one of my subjects and it's super hard and is taking me on average 5 hours to do 1 question! (Luckily i'm past halfway and only have 2 more to go! Arghh!)

Have a great day everybody and thanks for reading :)

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  1. i was looking for this today! my sally's was all dried out :( gorgeous on you!

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