Monday, May 21, 2012

Nails Inc - Baker Street

Hellooooo! I am VERY happy today! I received my FIRST Nails Inc polish (thanks to my gorgeous boyf!) and it is my absolute favourite nail polish colour, a gorgeoussss royal navy blue creme! As it was my first time ever using Nails Inc I was very observant and noticed that their bottles are quite small and the brush is very small too which I wasn't used to but I think I still managed the same! This would have to be my favourite nail polish in my entire collection! I know you must be thinking i'm crazy not to pick a holo or duochrome or glitter etc but to me, there is something magical and super sophisticated about this colour! Enough drool from me, here are the photos!!

Sorry these aren't the best of photos! One thing that is annoying me lately is my seche vite. When you buy a new bottle it's got a good consistency, but after a while it thickens and leaves bubbles on my nails.. noo! I stuffed up my middle finger a bit, but luckily it doesn't show. Anyways lets leave on a positive note! My giveaway is still running so enter here :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. It's a stunner - gorgeous!!
    You need to use Seche Vite Restore, when you are about half down the bottle, I do that, and when it thickens again I fill new SV top coat in the bottle - and it's good as new. I bought the Pro set with a huge bottle to fill in the smaller...

  2. I love Baker Street, it looks like an awesome blue! I second the Seche Vite Restore, I got mine off ebay for quite cheap.

  3. wow this is gorgeous!