Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tetris Nails!

Hello everybody I hope you are all well and happy that it is almost the weekend..yay!

Today I have a product from KKcenterHK. They sell heaps of nail foils, wraps, decals etc and are very reaonsable priced so check them out here!

Today i'm showing 1 out of 3 products I received to review and I just couldn't wait to try these tetris nails!! The water decals are really easy to use but I learnt from practice that they degrade far too quickly if you spend too much time on the same nail coating with a top coat. I'll show you examples below. I used 2 coats of OPI - Black Onyx and then applied tetris decals on each nail and here it is:

If you don't smooth the top coat over in every direction then you will find the decal will curl up like this!


I stuffed up my left hand, middle finger the worst! Look at that degradation! Woops!

I stuffed up 3 fingers out of 10 but with a lot more practice i'm sure i'll get better! From a distance you can't even tell i've stuffed up and the nails still look awesome! I really enjoyed using these and just love all the different designs they have. If you specifically want these tetris decals I used they are only $6.39 and you can find them here!

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Product Sent for Review


  1. I actually looked at these the other day, because I really like the idea of tetris nails! It looks so cool on you.

  2. They look really fun, a must for any tetris player LOL

  3. These are so cool!! I love tetris :)